This research is based on the first map engraved by Human. It investigates the very first moment that one of us got his eyes off the horizon, looked up in the sky and acknowledged his place through Time.
The mountain’s darkness, the dawn’s horizon and the hope that emerges from the dawn, are the foci of the previous months’ study, which tries to interpret anew the relationship between Man and the Sky.
To the dark canvas, the Night.
The following attempt helps us understand that every carving we make on the Topos, every step we take along the creation proccess, does not have as a purpose the alteration of the Topos, but our mutation in order for the Topos to embrace us, to accept us. The borderline between these two situations is illegible and much more blurred are the means that an Architect will employ in order to succeed this new understanding.
Consequently, it is understood that the Topos provides all the necessary information and contains distinct and unique characteristics, that define the use that can be supported