Karountzou Vivi, Angeliki Sideri

The site is created the moment that man interferes in nature. Every site has a unique combination of characteristics, which give the site a special identity. We looked for a site where historical memory and natural landscape coexist. A place like that is the uninhabited island of Despotiko, where an archaic temple of Apollo with nationwide reputation had flourished. Our project is about the design of a museum for the protection of the archaeological findings, laboratories for the archaeologists, as well as guestrooms for their stay. The aim of our proposal is a mild intervention, which highlights the natural site, makes the archaeological site prominent and covers nowadays’ needs. Two scales of intervention can be distinguished, one that regards the greater area of study and a smaller that focuses on the archaeological site. The basic lines of the temple have been used for the basic lines of the project. The chronological diagram of the history of Despotiko is being transformed into a section and then into a plan, where the most important periods of history match space and routes.