Antonia Ntrenogianni, Panagiota Tzika-Kostopoulou

The design thesis proposes a redefined model of residence in second refugees' district in Patras, by maintaining the existing shells of the buildings and by placing lightweight structures on the facades, which provide the desirable shade of the buildings and at the same time they unify the existing facades. The proposal is based on the needs and the desires of the residents of the region. For this purpose, there is a continuous recording and observation of the residents' way of living and personal contact with them. The aim of this procedure is to solve the existing problems. For this reason, there are three phases that alternate and interact. Those phases are, the observation and analysis of the region, the contact of the residents and the proposal. To be more effective, the proposal applies in a pilot base to three blocks and not the entire neighborhood. The aim of the project is to develop a methodology, that allows the improvement of people's lives while maintaining the existing social structure, and it's based on the needs and desires of the residents.