Angeliki Spiliotopoulou

The proposal is based on the idea of remodeling and utilizing existing dysfunctional public spaces rather than building new ones. The squares, the most public space of the city, along with the surrounding blocks, consists the basis of this proposal.

The planning behind the proposal is based on the following elements:

1. The new space is about the expansion and remodeling of the block, changing the scale of the city.

2. The city is treated collectively.

3. The presence of nature is reintroduced as aesthetic and as productive land.

4. The relationship between private and public is renegotiated.

5. Finally, there are installed and promoted ecological practices.

It is suggested the consolidation of six blocks into one and the creation of three paths, the path of pleasure, of production and that of pedestrian road. Each of these paths manages differently the nature, which extends linearly, and the activities, that exist as a spot.