Eleni Zogogianni, Panagiota Kyriakopoulou

The project bellow referred to restoration and dilatation of George Metallinos’ house locate at Ano Korakiana, Corfu. This kind of research required complete survey from the research team under the guidance of professor Stavros Mamaloukos and his assistants, Michael Papavarnavas and Gregory Koutropoulos. This survey took place in 18-19 October 2014.

Main Purposes: estimated value which makes a structure preservable. Maintenance and conservation the general form of the house. Restoration and rebuilding the original architectural characteristics which have been degraded. The new addition of the house is a smooth continuance of the old part. The new materials are compatible with the existing house and addition’s materials have relative form with the existing part. Finally, for the sake of desegregate public parts from privates and old from new, are creating transitive and intermediary rooms.