Eirini Mavrouka

The proposal concerns the reintegration of five Industrial Buildings in the southwest coastline of Hermoupolis in Syros. The goal of this proposal is to give them a new role, as a point of reference and guidance in the urban landscape. The old industrial buildings in order to identify their lost identity are placed in a unified functional network of modern productive activities, which as a result will have their reintegration into the city. The proposed uses are the design and production of new products of Creative Industry and the design of small traditional boats. There will also function a central building support for education, training, technology and management and another one for advertising and promotion the new products. Finally, there will be a short-stay accommodation places for new users. Inside the factories and where it is necessary the buildings are restored with similar logic materials to obtain a functional entity and be able to serve the productive goals of the proposal, while in the exterior are placed a number of structures created for the coexistence of new activities and the combination of the city with the coastline.