«Dialogue + conflict in the same place»

Aim of the study was to design a seaside residence (for a couple), and a hut in a wooded hill.

For the design of the hut prerequisites were minimal habitation in an ephemeral structure in a harmony with the environment that creates a living space for a writer. The main characteristic of the hut is the independent lifestyle you may have without using technology (rainwater collection, use woodstove for heating and cooking).

The house design principles are transparency, linearity, design on a grid, the free plan design and the use of materials that emphasize human intervention. View is framed in order to be seen and restricted depending on privacy.

Purpose of the project was the "dialogue" that arises between home and hut. The design principles of the house came into conflict with those of the hut. House and hut must be distinguished morphologically and structurally since, by definition, the two terms refer to different needs and principles.