Nestoras Skantzouris

The main purpose of the project is the emergence of the complexity of the Delphi’s emblematic landscape, focusing on the area of the Castalia spring, which is located next to the Oracle’s archaeological site. The spring gathers the essence of the mythical and metaphysical elements that were responsible for the area’s habitation and it’s later spiritual significance to the rest of the world.

The operative power of the new “sanctuary” is the upward path from and to the archaeological site, through the steep chasm, in order to reveal the myths that are associated to the spring and to the landscape. The water element that was responsible for the formation and the gradual habitation of the land is emerging in every level of the pathway.

The topography affects the form of the various exhibition rooms that lay in three different levels, thus allowing different lookout points of the surrounding area. Walking through the once inaccessible chasm, a new way of perceiving the Delphi’s landscape is being achieved.