Alexia Koutsospyrou, Maria Pachniotou

The proposal introduces a venue - art production engine, driven by the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 and the respective Cultural Olympiad. The proposed site is located in the depot of Yamanote Line, a railway loop connecting Tokyo’s metropolitan area.

The building consists of three levels. The ground floor hoststhe workshops, while the upper level is a storage and logistics unit for artworks to be distributed in the city either by trucks or through the Yamanote Line. The venue is accessible to the public from the middle level via aninclined square that connects the city to the exhibition platforms. Trains here acquire a new role: either being converted into a museum during after-hours or presenting the art during transit.

The levels are connected via three vertical circulation cores and a crane that coordinates both the functions of the building and the movement of the artworks. The production, storage and distribution process becomes a performance which anyone can become part of.

The proposal’s operating points also include platforms of the line’s six largest stations where some temporary structures serve as elevated museums or cultural spaces.