International Chinese Language Teachers
Scholarship 2021
Center for Language Education and Cooperation
& Tianjin Foreign Studies University
4-week Online Chinese learning Program for Greek-Speakers
About the program:
 Time: the program commences either in August or December 2021 (the exact
date soon to be announced), and provides a four-week scholarship.
Classes will be free for scholarship-holders.
 Platform: online courses through Zoom or WebEx.
 Classes:
 Teaching languages:
Modern Greek & English & Chinese
 Class Outline:
4 weeks, 10 hours/week, 2 hours/day.
1. Courses on Chinese language acquisition
2. Courses on Chinese traditional and contemporary culture
3. A comparative study on the Chinese language and culture with the
Greek language and culture. (With reference to the theoretical
frameworks of Translation, Linguistics, and Pragmatics.)
4. Symposium with the students of Modern Greek in Tianjin Foreign
Studies University
 The program may be organized with 10-15 participants per group.
 Eligibility:
1. An HSK test score is required. (No specific requirements for the level and the
2. All applicants shall be citizens of Greece or Cyprus, or fluent in modern
** Application procedures for the scholarship will be informed to eligible applicants
soon through email. For pre-application, please fill in the form below and send it to
the contact email.
Deadline for the pre-application: 30th July 2021
Application Form:
HSK Test Score
Students of Confucius
Constitutes (Yes or No, if
Yes please specify)
**Proof of the HSK test need to be sent as attachment