Guidance Notes: EU Students Late Application Scholarship 2018/19


The University of Sunderland is offering:


  • £1,200 Cash Scholarship  for Greek students on Undergraduate programmes.


  • £800 Cash Scholarship for Greek students on Postgraduate programmes.



Who is eligible?


You must be a “European Union (EU)” student living in Greece.


This scholarship is for ‘EU’ students from Greece who apply to the University of Sunderland through the European Office as direct application and admission only.


You must apply for a relevant course


You must enroll on a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course with the University of Sunderland that commences in September 2018 or October 2018 and that takes place at our Sunderland Campus.


You must make your application through the University of Sunderland’s European Office in Greece

 (by emailing Europe@sunderland.ac.uk).


Applicants who apply via a partner agent are not eligible for the scholarship.


Receiving the scholarship


The scholarship will be paid by bank transfer directly to your student account within three weeks of the start of your programme.


Send your enquiry and application at :  Europe@sunderland.ac.uk  

or visit our website:  www.sunderland.gr



For more information contact:


European Regional Office

University of Sunderland

Leoforos Dekeleias 11C

Nea Halkidona / Nea Filadelfia

Athens, Greece


Tel : 210 9212885