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During the last decades, the convergence of art and architecture is based on a common concern for the social use of form in urban spaces of co-existence and conflict. Public art, a continuously changing field, which today employs new aesthetic and political strategies, is the most concrete expression of this convergence. Public space is today conceived not as an open space for objects and actions, but as a democratic space where different positions and tactics compete. We will investigate what it means to produce work in public space, by problematizing both notions of public and space, taking into consideration fundamental economic and media displacements which affect our ideas of control, access, social interaction in the spaces of the city. What art can do in public spaces of consumption and control? What are the consequences of “living together”? To whom the city belongs?

Students, propose and develop projects which correspond to the conditions of specific places, after research of the physical, historical and social context. Interventions may include ephemeral installations and performance, internet platforms, participatory projects, services and fake institutions, tours, publications, etc.