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The main objective of the course is to deepen the contemporary architecture from different perspectives, 1) the conditions and the data of the 20th century that dictate the choices of architecture, 2) the specific ways in which architecture responds. More specifically the course offers an opportunity to reflect on the concept of model and prototype in European architecture, aims to focus on the notions of imitations and innovation as critical concepts of western culture and to engender a debate of two topics -model and prototype- that, whether taken individually or at their intersection, remain in pressing need of further study.


  1. the efforts of architecture to formulate a common language.
  2. the efforts of architecture for implementation and its relation to technology
  3. the pretext of the form with a view to the common perception of architecture.
  4. links of architecture with theoretical crisis environments.
  5. the connections of architecture with material crisis environments.
  6. architectural proposals in times of crisis: New Deal, Bauhaus, war situations and architectural production.
  7. Ways of producing the new: invention, imitation, re-formation, alternation.
  8. Innovation searches and new orientations of modern architecture.