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The general topic of AS7/9 is entitled: "Residence options". This topic concerns issues of collective housing in the broadest possible sense. It includes residential complexes, hotels, student dormitories and any other construction program referring to the concept of residence. Each teacher proposes a topic that should be part of a broader study area where specific or overall urban-scale interventions will be made. At the beginning of the semester, each student declares the lecturers of his/her choice in order of preference and then the students are divided into groups. The topics, as well as the approach methodology, are determined by each teacher separately according to the common theme for all.

The course aims at a universal approach to the issue of habitation, where students explore and question the concepts of public and private space, fixed and flexible, as elements of the program and organization of urban space. Housing for a specific, but relatively small, population should be combined with a public or shared program that produces meaning and creatively explores the potential of architecture to intervene and articulate discourse about city life. Emphasis is placed on redefining the various forms of living in the modern city.

The course is laboratory based and requires attendance at at least eight weekly classes.