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The course is based on the realization that avant-garde architecture today presupposes an understanding of geometric concepts and form production methods that are directly related to the evolving possibilities of digital design.

The aim of the course is on the one hand to understand the basic and advanced concepts of geometry of architecture and to be informed about innovative applications of digital media in architectural design, on the other hand to get acquainted with computer programs and methods that allow such applications.

The course is conducted with a combination of lectures - lectures and laboratory topics. The lectures of the course cover a wide range of topics, starting from issues / topics of theoretical nature and reaching to purely technological issues and applications. Laboratory topics cover digital media and production methods of three-dimensional parametric models that require the understanding and use of surface and solid geometry as well as parametric geometry methods. Special emphasis is given to environmental parameters. Reference is also made to tools and applications of parametric state-of-the-art software such as Grasshoper, Processing, Generative Components etc.