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This specific part of the Architectural Design studio aims at the improvement of the drafting skills of the students according to the demands of the studies in the Department. Within this context, the representation of objects as well as structures is being practiced with emphasis given to the proper presentation of both form and structure. This is the preliminary approach to the integrated drafting representation of an architectural project, a skill which is being practiced in detail later, within other courses, such as Architectural Design, Building Technology etc. Besides that, the course includes the teaching of the proper presentation of architectural drawings (composition of plates etc).

Descriptive Geometry.

The course of Descriptive Geometry, together with Projective Geometry and Perspective of the second semester, is an introduction into the area of Architectural Representations. These courses aim to make understood the geometric fundamentals of representations of 3-dimentional (3-D) space into 2-dimentional (2-D). These principles are applied in geometric projects of architectural interest giving emphasis on orthogonal and axonometric projections. In addition, during these courses, the methods of constructing shades and shadows of geometric solids and shadows on the facades of buildings are studied. Architectural projects using the above principles are analyzed. During the semester, students are asked to answer a number of exercises as well as a project which is turned in at the end of the semester.