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The course is an introduction to specific topics related to the design of furniture and objects, and a more comprehensive examination of the role of DESIGN in the physiognomy of the ‘material culture’ that surrounds us. During the course the students get to know and discuss the most up-to-date concerns on the field of design and production of ​​the objects through texts and examples. At the same time, references are made to the origins of modern DESIGN through the presentation and critical analysis of the work of important designers from the 1980s to 2010. The course also approaches research and design of the expressions of the national DESIGN scene and its position in the global thoroughfare. Within the course, students conduct research and present topics related to DESIGN, and carry out small design experiments.

The course aims at informing the students about the modern trends in DESIGN of the objects that constitute our material culture and the development of critical skills for the evaluation and design of the interior and the objects or the design on a small scale.