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Digital design is a dynamic field of ideas development, through the use of digital tools in every design phase. We could say that digital design is synonymous with experimental design. The development of the use of tools is a collaborative process where techniques and applications aim at integrating tools in the field of architectural study and expression. In practice, combined use of applications requires a fundamental understanding of architecture and all processes involved in architectural design. The course introduces students to the possibilities, advantages and limitations of computers as part of design work.

During the course, students familiarize themselves with a wide range of digital applications that involves virtual 3d modeling, image processing, 2d architectural design, and generally all possible aspects of conventional architectural work. The basic method is the simulation-representation of design in different phases, starting from abstract forms and gradually extending to more complex projects, up to detailed drawings.

During the semester, students are invited to address issues related to:

- Methods of design, process and creativity.

- Digital environment and representation.

- Analysis - information and modeling.

- Expression and depiction.