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The lectures cover a wide range of examples of kinematic systems encountered in  the nature and in several scientific and technological research fields. Topics related to the   design of such structures  as well as to state-of- the- art research   in the general area of transformable systems are also discussed in class. .  An introduction to kinematic simulation methods applicable to transformable building structures are also covered in the course lectures

Learning outcomes

  1. Develop an understanding of the term structural morphology though experimentation with form and structural behavior in combination with the concepts of tectonic expression and materiality
  2. Develop an understanding of the conditions that affect the design of temporary and rapidly assembled structures
  3. Develop an understanding of methods and systems of transformable geometry that can be used in kinematic structures
  4. Experience in the design of innovative structure of changing configuration that is based on the methods discussed in class
  5. Acquire kills in the use of kinematic simulation software that applies to special types of structures and are encouraged to also encouraged to use kinematic simulations for other types of structures.