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Tenured, Tenure-track Faculty and Tenure-track Faculty to be Appointed

The Research Thesis is the first part of the process leading up to the Design Thesis. It deals with the theoretical and pragmatologic analysis of the Thesis’ subject and includes a clear definition of the objective and methodology

that will be followed, bibliography and documentation of subject as well as everything else needed by the Thesis as a work of “preparation” (collection of statistic data, photographic and historical elements, possible interviews, field data etc.). The conclusions of the Research Thesis are presented in the form of a paper and a lecture.

The lecture presentation does not necessarily have to strictly follow the research paper’s structure if this benefits the presentation process and the Supervising Professor agrees. All lectures are presented in a broad audience made up by all members of the Department. The lectures’ program is specified by the Department’s Chairman and allows for the same time for all lectures. The lecture is not graded independently, but is part of the entire Research Thesis; the lecture’s grade makes up 20% of the total grade of the Research Thesis (the other 80% of the grade corresponds to the research paper).