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Conceptual construction detailing within the scope of architectural design. Bridging of large spans (vaults, domes, open web trusses, membranes, double membranes, pneumatic structures, tensegrity, etc) prefabrication, issues on quality control of construction. Introduction to issues on building damage investigation and building repairs. Further comprehension of theory is achieved through a set of exercises that deal with the rehabilitation of a simple ruined stone building: design of new roof, mezzanine, staircase and portico. In these exercises there is limited freedom on the layout while the creative development of architectural details and joints is encouraged, using metal, timber, glass and other contemporary materials. The studio is also linked to the semester’s Architectural Design 6 Studio, supporting it in the formation of the load-bearing structure of the building that is designed by the students and developing its construction details. These are presented in a separate set of drawings.