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The general theme of AS08 titled: "Versions of urbanity" combines the architecture of buildings and urban planning strategies. Investigates the role of architecture in the changes of urban development and aims at proposals that face the city as an architectural project.

The workshop will study an environmental research facility on the empty site right next (South) to the Archeological Museum of Patras with a long front on Athens – Patras National road. The lab is called to investigate issues of discontinuity, relationships and dipoles: the relationship of large-scale (Museum) with the small neighborhood, the discontinuity of the urban front, City-University relationship, the relationship of the research and society/ environment, the relationship of quality with the technical parameters of the design, the relationship of simplicity with complexity. It will also be given the opportunity to investigate, the role of design in society and its future agenda. Lastly, emphasis will be placed on Bioclimatic functioning issues.

During the semester students are required to work almost simultaneously on two levels:

  • critical reading and description of the existing situation (historical, cultural, from information that will be collected and analyzed)
  • Suggestions and Edit alternative proposals and ideas for the new design.
  • Illustratively mentioned, the following features or options, which can be different for each group and will depend on the different reading program that we have done, but (mostly) from the particular interests of each group may have or has formed:
  • Design in general level of building set.
  • Design of the new building construction.
  • Interior design, each corresponding group will judge what is required.
  • Proposals for furniture and equipment for individual sites.
  • Related proposals for the formation of outdoor spaces