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The course is an in-depth study of digital parametric design through the Rhinoceros / Grasshopper design platform.

As an in-depth course it is addressed to students who possess the basic knowledge of handling the Rhinoceros / Grasshopper parametric design platform. The aim of the course is to get acquainted with special topics of parametric design that are characterized by complexity of composition and program writing.

The character of the course is technical with theoretical strands and framework, in order to provide the appropriate cognitive background for further development and utilization. It is composed of a series of presentations of the software, which are combined with short assignments that students are asked to prepare. During the semester, students develop a semester topic as well as compile a list of individual assignments.

Prerequisites for attending the course are the familiarity with the environment of Rhino / Grasshopper and the possibility of abstract - diagrammatic analysis of synthetic problems.