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This course offers a general introduction in fundamental concepts of 20th & 21st C. architectural theory, representation and media.

The course material effects this introduction through ten separate thematic sessions. Those include essays and theoretical texts, narrative texts and films, cultural artefacts, works of art and architecture. The course aims to develop students’ critical and theoretical thinking on contemporary issues, through interdisciplinary comparisons.

The course also considers the cross-talk among architecture, art, filmmaking, science fiction, technology and new media within the greater field of contemporary culture, so that students may achieve a general understanding and competent appreciation of this field, as well as the importance of architectural thinking, theory, design methodologies and epistemology, and different media and communication technologies within contemporary culture.

Finally, the constant development of the students’ logical and rhetorical abilities is also a fundamental goal of the course, especially through essay-writing, presentations and seminar discussions on both image- and text-based works.