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The Greek landscape (Urban and Natural) is a place of co-existence of different and, most often, contradictory elements. These, strongly retain their functional contradictions, their morphological peculiarities, their cultural origins and their geographical characteristics. The emergence, through a drawing process, of all these elements, which vary and characterize the landscape, should preoccupy our research in a positive way since their presence constitutes a different level of vision. A level of vision capable of contributing to a new way of “reading / understanding” of the landscape we experience everyday.

The course will investigate the given reality of the City in order to discover in it those primary values, which can be transformed in time, to support a consistent, rich in imagination, radical reinterpretation of the contemporary City’s structure. Contemporary theories of landscape architecture and landscape urbanism, that understand the term landscape, as ‘topos’, ecosystem and a multidimensional point of reference, will enrich this investigation.